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Marketing manager or director

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  • Hiring
  • Content
    1, by virtue of the company and its own resources, the formation and management team;
    2, according to the company 's strategy and sales plan, develop appropriate sales strategies and ensure effective implementation within the team;
    3, responsible for leading the development team to expand customer base;
    4, responsible for leading the team to provide products to customers after - sales service;
    5, responsible for the management of the team 's business activities, organization and implementation of team recruitment and selection, counseling and training, supervision and assessment work;
    6, to ensure that team members clear the progress of work and personal goals, the establishment and improvement of the team management system;
    7, to complete the work report and related business reporting.
  • Requirement
    1, College degree or above, major in Finance or Science or Engineering; More than 2 years working experience in sales of electronic and software products, with outstanding performance;
    2, with good communication and coordination, strong execution, outstanding eloquence, strong ability to express words.
    3, good professional ethics, abide by the contract commitments, to adapt to frequent travel.

Administrative clerk

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  • Content
    1, reception, daily document printing, fax transceiver, data sorting, document classification, and custody and other administrative work;
    2, responsible for the entry of staff, positive, leave, transfer, resignation procedures;
    3, management staff file of personnel files, establish and improve the management of staff personnel files;
    4, responsible for the signing and custody of employee labor contracts;
    5, responsible for staff work attendance, monthly attendance statistics;
    6, responsible for staff social security, residence permit related matters for;
    7, responsible for office supplies procurement applications, distribution, use of inventory and inventory statistics;
    8, responsible for all company express receipt, registration;
    9, to assist the leadership of the recruitment of information dissemination and notification interviews;
  • Requirement
    1, female, good image, good temperament, age 18-28 years old, high school (or more) education;
    2, Putonghua standard, sweet voice, with affinity, understand business etiquette
    3, computer operating proficiency, skilled use of related office software;
    4, Familiar with HR and administration related work flow, relevant work experience, obey management and arrangement;
    5, can be hard-working, self-motivated, strong sense of responsibility.
    Working hours: 9 to 5, weekend weekend

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